FMCG and HORECA Dataservice

With better data to more insights for your business success.


Our joint venture DeepIdeas as a specialist for the HORECA sector, delivers high-quality customer data based on your ideal customer profiles.

Our specialists develop data insights for your marketing and sales success. Data analyses combined with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms provide our customers with regularly updated information about their existing and new customers. By analysing over 90,000 food and beverage menus in Germany alone, we generate highly relevant insights and analyses for various brands in the beverage industry. This provides our clients with accurate insights into their market in relation to the individual restaurateur's own and third-party brands for their optimised sales success.

The DeepIdeas approach combines the most diverse data sources and delivers exactly the information that helps our customers to make their operative sales more successful and marketing even more efficient - up-to-date and in the desired format.


Data Insights
How FMCG companies benefit from our knowledge.

How well do you know your customers? Do you know where, when and why your products are consumed? To become more relevant to your target group and to directly respond to market changes you need customer-specific knowledge. We have the insights to your business questions and can help you succeed.


Comprehensive. Precise. Specific to your target group.
Data insights that create advantage.

Our digital solutions are not only beneficial for our customers, but also uncover valuable insights from Europe’s restaurant and hotel industries. Insights that show the business cycles of bars or restaurants in detail that we innovatively compile and evaluate in compliance with data protection requirements. Our digital solutions help you understand the market and brand penetration. With our analytical backbone we fuel your sales growth based on high potential leads. Take advantage of our expertise. Use our valuable knowledge to optimize your own customisable campaigns and yields.

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“Optimal growth requires optimal customer knowledge”.

The data
we generate

Data Basics

Data about opening hours, menus, type of restaurant, number of seats, reservation behavior of customers and the location of the business.

Geolocation data

Sociodemographic data around a specific location plus the competitive F&B landscape will help you better understand individual business situations.

Performance Data

Data about sales, profitability, budget distribution, discount offers and individual product analysis.

Procurement and Menu Data

Detailed data about goods and product use, menu compilation, pricing, and discount offers.

Digital Footprint Data

Data about online rankings, guest reviews, and overall business popularity.

End consumer behaviour data

Data about order frequency, product popularity, and food and drink combinations.


How we use
our data


Route to Market

  • From data to results: Increase your sales efficiency with a data driven sales approach
  • Identification of the relevant high potential outlets that you want to be your next customer
  • Support your up- and cross-selling effors based on individual customer needs
  • Measuring success with relevant KPIs in a closed loop setting

Brand Monitor

  • Review of your brand and your products across categories, regions and outlet types
  • Invoice, basket and price evaluation across different moments of time
  • Platform to analyze or test e.g. new products, promotions, and activations

Customized Marketing

  • Appeal to B2C target groups at point-of-sales or online, via our DISH Digital Solutions solutions
  • Generate targeted B2B communication to increase brand preference and market penetration
  • Start customer-specific campaigns, events, or advertising measures to boost direct sales